a new R&D department for Joker imballaggi

IUAV University of Venice

Master's Thesis in Product Design

Case Study: Joker Imballaggi
Supervisor: Luca Casarotto
Commission: Maximiliano Romero, Medardo Chiapponi, Carlo Gaino

"Space Stuff" is a project born with the aim of proposing a product differentiation for the apulian company "Joker Imballaggi”.

“Joker Imballaggi” has been recognized by Il Sole 24 Ore as one of the main Italian companies growing in 2020 and 2021.

It's a small Italian company, operating in the packaging sector since 2015. Its production is focused on the processing of flat cardboard and corrugated cardboard for the production of cellular packaging modules. During its activity, "Joker Imballaggi" has constantly persevered the idea of enhancing the quality of its product and its supply chain. Through measured investments, supported by a strategic vision, the company has managed to reach a leadership position in the Italian reference market, in terms of production speed and product reliability.

The thesis project, starting from the analysis of this case study, tries to propose an alternative perspective capable of differentiating the company's business.

To do this, all the resources present in the company were analyzed, from human to technical, from management to the environment, in order to trace a design path that can fit into existing company dynamics. Each of the resources analyzed was instrumental in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company, and therefore also the design constraints and project proposals.


On the considerations that emerged from the company analysis, a path compatible with the resources available was identified in the design of temporary exhibition spaces.

This area may be able to enhance the values of design, as well as the peculiarities of a small business reality. "Space Stuff" represents the project through which I intend to make clear the versatility of paper and cardboard in the design of elements for temporary set-up. The project proposes six imaginary formal scenarios, simplifications of spatial characteristics that can commonly be found in the exhibition area, set up with paper and cardboard elements that can be reproduced by the company.